Mocha Kuih Lapis

I say, I am becoming quite good at this! This is my third Lapis and all three times, they have turned out deliciously successful. The first two cakes were baked during Chinese New Year. The strangest compliment I’ve received was when a friend told me that my Lapis was really good because her dog had … [Read more…]

Spaghetti With Creamy Garlic Prawns

This one is for the serious aromatic lovers – garlic, leek and parsley- this recipe has it all in generous portions.I am thankful that I am not allergic to to any of the aromatic vegetables. I have a colleague in Italy who is allergic to garlic and I don’t know how he overcome meal time … [Read more…]

Jam Topping Sponge Cake

When I was growing up, cakes did not look anything like what we see today – we almost never saw anything with fresh cream and one can totally forget about intricate entremets. What we had then were rustic, simple and predictable. I recall that we would always look forward to marriage celebrations among family friends, … [Read more…]

Coffee Swiss Roll

The swiss roll, I believe, is one cake that will never cease to intimidate me. At one point, I used to bake this everyday, just so that I could get enough practice to get it right. There are 3 components to the process of baking a Swiss Roll- getting the sponge base to behave; preparing … [Read more…]

Steamed Prawns With Egg White and Chinese Wine

This is my second attempt to deplete the egg whites left over from my Lapis cake. Baking 6 Pistachio Dacquoise cookies did not quite help to make a dent in my bowl of egg whites and I desperately want to move away from sweets and butter for a short while.This is a very handy recipe for seafood preparation … [Read more…]

Coffee Bread Loaf

Thanks to the water roux technique, I am now feeling quite comfortable baking bread. For some reason, I find that the sense of accomplishment in churning out a soft, well formed bread is immensely greater than for example, turning out a batch of macarons. I have never quite feared the macarons but for the longest time, … [Read more…]

Tish Boyle’s Cinnamon Swirl ButterMilk Pound Cake

I can hear you YAWN….. yes, yet another one of Tish Boyle’s pound cake. Pound cakes are hopelessly boring to bake (translated to mean EASY!) achingly uninspiring to photograph… but always satisfying to eat…. After trying out her Luxe Pound Cake and Plainly Perfect Pound Cake, Tish Boyle beckons once more with her claim that this is a … [Read more…]