Postcard From Paris – Part 3 : Breaking Into My Madeleine Pan

November 22, 2009

The Madeleines were once chosen to represent France in the Cafe Europe in 2006. Such is the iconic stature of these little sponge cakes. Proust,of course had further immortalised it for most of us in his novel, Remembrance of Things Past where he described Madeleines as “little shell of cake, so generously sensual beneath the piety […]

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Post Cards From Paris – Part 2

November 21, 2009

Continuing from where we left off in part 1…  As you would recall, I had some difficulty finding E Dehillerin and it was while I was walking around aimlessly that I spotted La Bovida which was about 200m from E Dehillerin. Shopping at Dehillerin is an amazing experience, because it makes you feel like you […]

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Postcard From Paris… Part 1

November 18, 2009

I had been somewhat dreading the trip to Europe before I set out. The thought of spending the whole week in Munich, attending to the exhibition was not really enticing. Normally, for such events, one will be on one’s feet the whole day, talking almost non-stop to potential customers. These usually start out at 9am and does […]

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Apricot Oatmeal Bar With Pistachios – Getting Ready For Christmas

November 1, 2009

As October gives way to November, that non-plussed ‘it’s ok, we still have time’ easiness gets a jolt from reality. The head starts to throb as the year to date sales is still 40% behind budget, the business calendar is still filled with travel plans all the way to 20th Dec and the imminent loom of 2010 […]

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Buddha Mango Pudding…Sweet Ohmmm….

October 24, 2009

Cooking is fun and I admit very often, I don’t cook to eat but to play in the kitchen. This dessert will elicit boisterous guffaws – even when it does not turn out right as demonstrated by my first attempt to use the mold with a Pandan Pana Cotta recipe. The green Pandan juice gives the […]

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Caneles, Canneles? – French Pastry

October 19, 2009

One of the things I like about traditional French Pastry is that every pastry seem to have a legend or story behind it. Some of these legends are mysterious and have been handed down from generation to generation… giving the pastry chefs who are still working with these recipes a sense of mission and making them […]

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Creamy Mashed Potato – Eat Kentang

October 11, 2009

Eat Kentang! All of you fellow bloggers from the West, you probably are scoffing at my audacity of putting up a post on mashed potatoes…does she not have anything better to share? It’s almost akin to writing a post on cooking white rice. Simple as it may seem, not everyone here in Asia can make a good mashed […]

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Cheese Puff (Petits Choux Au Fromage) – Choux Pastry Part 2

October 6, 2009

Continuing with my experimentation with choux pastry.Pared down to its most basic, the choux pastry is made by melting fat in liquid over heat. Flour is then added to the fatty liquid and cooked. The cooked dough is subsquently softened to the right texture with beaten eggs. Taking it from the basic recipe, so many permutations […]

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Tuna Cream Puff – Choux Pastry Part 1

September 28, 2009

Choux Pastry, like the Genoise Sponge or the Sweet Crust Pastry (and quite a few more others) is one of those fundamental recipes that every self respecting baker needs to know. These, I believe would be the first lessons in a proper baking school. However, few of us will have the patience to work on […]

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Apricot Chocolate Tart – Another One For The Petit Fours Collection

September 23, 2009

This is another tartlet recipe from Desserts By Pierre Herme and I couldn’t agree more with Dorie Greenspan’s warning – this is DANGEROUS. Enjoy this with a very conscious restrain. The apricot, steeped in lemon juice,honey and a dash of pepper(so clever) is plump with a refreshing sweetness. When these are used to pack the […]

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