Coffee Sponge Cupcake

Coffee Sponge Cupcake September 16, 2012

Things haven’t been that great lately. My father had a fall a couple of weeks ago and hurt his spinal chord. This impaired his fine motor functions and bed binds him now at a rehabilitation hospital where he is showing gradual improvement through physiotherapy.For a 75 year old, mild mannered man who had conscientiously devoted […]

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Ngoh Hiang – 5 Spice Meat Roll

Ngoh Hiang August 29, 2012

Ngoh Hiang or Five Spice Meat Roll, I have discovered, is a staple home cooked specialty dish for many of us here in Singapore during festive occasions like Chinese New Year. Chinese New Year for me as a kid was a frenzy of quick visitations at relatives and friends’ houses. During those days, efficient highways […]

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Tish Boyle’s Gianduja Cookies & Milan Trip Update

Thumbnail image for Tish Boyle’s Gianduja Cookies & Milan Trip Update August 24, 2012

I was first introduced to Gianduja when we were traveling from Chamonix to Torino. During our 2 hour drive to Torino, our driver had enthusiastically recommended us to try the gelato at Gelateria Fiorio where, in his opinion, the best gelato in Torino can be found.  He had also specifically suggested that I try the […]

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Il Bicerin – My Coffee Experience In Italy

Thumbnail image for Il Bicerin – My Coffee Experience In Italy August 14, 2012

Italy inspired me to incorporate a new ritual into my daily routine – one which have me sip through a frothy cup of cafe latte every morning while reading my electronic papers. I have never been a serious coffee drinker. I patronise Starbucks once in a blue moon because I love the social coolness associated […]

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Chamonix- Mont Blanc

Thumbnail image for Chamonix- Mont Blanc July 28, 2012

For the benefit of those whose familarity with Mont Blanc resides only with the German luxury writing tools brand, Mont Blanc is the highest peak among the Alps in Western Europe. Lying in the range of Graian Alps between the Aosta Valley of Italy and Haute Savoy,France the mountain is 4810m high and wears a […]

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Legumes Soup With Reblochon

Thumbnail image for Legumes Soup With Reblochon July 26, 2012

First, I need to apologise to all those who had left comments and inquiries at  @kokken the last few weeks. I had been out on business trip followed by my hiking vacation in the Alps and had limited access to wifi or internet. Anyhow, as you can see, I am back and although I had […]

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Martha Stewart’s Red Velvet Cupcake

Thumbnail image for Martha Stewart’s Red Velvet Cupcake June 21, 2012

The Red Velvet cake, to me, is quintessentially American. I became especially fascinated by it after I learnt about how the red colour of the cake was traditionally developed. Simple molecular food science harnessed brilliantly! Most avid bakers would have already celebrated this classic recipe in various ways and I have eyed this recipe in […]

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Pulut Hitam Pound Cake / Black Glutinous Rice Pound Cake

Thumbnail image for Pulut Hitam Pound Cake / Black Glutinous Rice Pound Cake June 9, 2012

This is an experimental recipe which I have meant to try for the longest time. My family is a big fan of Pulut Hitam, the black glutinous rice with a unique fragrance and texture that pairs so wonderfully well with coconut milk. Quite some time back, I had actually made this to go with durian pulp.  […]

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Penang Char Kuey Teow & Clove Hall

Thumbnail image for Penang Char Kuey Teow & Clove Hall June 3, 2012

Penang is one of my favourite weekend getaway with L for a few reasons. It is easily accessible from either Singapore or Kuala Lumpur with great food and a general relaxed old world charm. I have found the island to be a place of few retail temptations which is just as well for that leaves […]

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Fusilli Pasta With Broccoli and Anchovy Sauce

Thumbnail image for Fusilli Pasta With Broccoli and Anchovy Sauce May 29, 2012

My weekend in Venice opened my eyes to the magical elements of Europe. Italy, in particular is possibly the only European country where I have spent a proper holiday. My longest vacation was a week long break in Rome many years ago. The rest of my European expeditions, may it be Paris, Munich or Amsterdam […]

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