Pate de Fruits Cassis – Cassis Fruit Jelly Candy

My parents were strict with us when we were growing up. I don’t recall ever vehemently demanding for anything when we were young. We would gladly take whatever my parents would give us, be it sweet treats, stationery, books or clothes. If anything we set our eyes on were deemed expensive by our parents, we … [Read more…]

Expanding on Pierre Hermes’ Sable Vennois Recipe – Sugared Danish Butter Cookies

As much as I admire gourmet flavours and sophisticated recipes, I know I am not a good cook. I have neither the skills, the experience nor the deftness to create intricate and sophisticated dishes. Unlike full time housewives tasked with enormous responsibilities and with loads of practical experience stashed under their belts, I am at best, only … [Read more…]

Easy Dessert – Almond Milk Pudding

My very first childhood exposure to the Almond flavour was in the form of the Almond Jelly dessert served unfailingly at the end of a 10 course wedding dinner. I couldn’t understand then, why all the adults seemed to love the flavour – to me then, it smelt and tasted very medicinal. My mother who went through a … [Read more…]

Raspberry White Chocolate Macarons

Here’s one for the Sweet Tooth Fairy. Without cocoa powder to neutralize the sweetness of the macaron shell, this biscuit is sweeter than the Chocolate Macarons I had made earlier. (Actually strangely enough, I found that as you let the macarons age for a few days, they became less sweet, so the chocolate macarons were really quite … [Read more…]

Pierre Herme’s Macaron au Chocolate Amer

A while back, I was on a roll with Pierre Herme’s sables. I was so entrenched in those recipes that for a while I thought I had found a new defining moment for myself.  You’ve probably noticed that I am currently in the mood for macarons and what better way to merge the two obsessions than to experiment … [Read more…]

Rainbow Kueh Lapis – Steamed 9 Layer Kueh

Singapore’s National Day falls on 9th August. We are 46 this year and I thought it appropriate to celebrate the month of August with a little Heritage treat that we all grew up with. The colourful steamed 9 layer kueh is one that we are all familiar with. I grew up enjoying this treat, mostly … [Read more…]

Coconut Sweet Soft Buns- 65C Tangzhong Method

Last week, someone had asked me if I had tried any of the Tangzhong (water roux method) bread recipe from what has now become the ‘tangzhong bread bible’, 65C Tangzhong Bread by Yvonne C. The method documented in the book is a true water roux method where a little bread flour is mixed with water and … [Read more…]