Angel Chiffon Cake

Light as feather, soft as a whisper…. that’s how I would imagine an Angel’s kiss to be and that is exactly how this cake felt to me. I now wish that I had the sense to make this earlier. Thanks to the left over egg whites from my Mocha Kueh Lapis and to the fact that I … [Read more…]

Isabella’s Lemon Meringue Cupcake

At last! Star World is screening Australia’s first Junior Masterchef here in Singapore! When I was in Sydney last November, practically everyone I met was talking about it. My Australian colleagues were raving in disbelief about how 12 year old kids were cooking snails and  11 year old boy was making lamb wellington. When this started screening … [Read more…]

White Peaches In Rose-Water Syrup

Food blogging started out as a curious little hobby but it is morphing into a very timing consuming affair. The essential 3 components : cooking,photographing and writing can take up a inordinate amount of my time. I have to be honest and admit that I am truly struggling to sustain the momentum while continuing to … [Read more…]

Chickpeas, Garbanzo Beans… Kacang Puteh

This is an extremely lazy and easy post. There is really no recipe involved but you would wonder why we don’t make this more often since it is such a delicious and healthy snack… I couldn’t stop gobbling them up as I was watched The Mentalist last night. (Love the twinkle in Simon Baker’s eyes every time … [Read more…]

Steamed Minced Pork With Salted Egg Yolk

I am still mildly amused when people in the other parts of the world ask me about the winter weather in Singapore. So I guess, as well known as we would think this little red dot on the world map is, there is still very little understanding about the country… at least nobody will wonder about … [Read more…]

Pierre Herme’s Vienesse Chocolate Sables – Chocolate Cookies Simple & Sophisticated

I first started to read about Pierre Herme when I went  through my macaron obsession phase many years ago. That was the time when macarons were still not readily available in Singapore – before Bakerzinn and Canele Patisserie became the rave of the town. It was a time when very few would attempt to bake macarons at home and the secrets/techniques of … [Read more…]

Pierre Herme’s Sable Viennois – Danish Butter Cookies?

Still reeling from the light and airy texture of  the Viennese Chocolate Sable I had made last week, I found another Sable Viennois recipe in another Pierre Herme pastry cookbook which I had just bought at Page One in Hong Kong last week. Published in Chinese  Le Livre des fours sees et melleux de Pierre Herme, cost me less than SGD … [Read more…]

Hei Bee Hiam – Sambal Udang Kering

I did it! For the longest time, I have been telling everyone that one of my culinary resolution for the year is to bake bread. I have finally succeeded baking a very soft sweet bun and the reason I am cooking this dish today is to use it as a filling for the sweet buns … [Read more…]