Chiffon Cake

Pandan Angel Food Cake

Thumbnail image for Pandan Angel Food Cake April 30, 2012

Recently, I have been asked to name my favourite Asian spices. Without pausing to gather my thoughts, I was quick to declare Pandan and Lemongrass as my most favoured Asian spices. Both spices have a calming effect on me, a whiff of the scent from these 2 plants has the ability to lull me into […]

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Angel Chiffon Cake

Thumbnail image for Angel Chiffon Cake April 8, 2012

Light as feather, soft as a whisper…. that’s how I would imagine an Angel’s kiss to be and that is exactly how this cake felt to me. I now wish that I had the sense to make this earlier. Thanks to the left over egg whites from my Mocha Kueh Lapis and to the fact […]

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Blood Orange Chiffon Cake With Blood Orange Jelly

April 30, 2011

I was feeling ambitious when I finally managed to find some Blood Orange in Singapore. I dreamt about making one of those glorious Blood Orange desserts featured in Justin North’s Becasse. Something gourmet enough to be served in a (dare I dream) hatted restaurant. Then, I dithered, procrastinated, went on to Korea for a business […]

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Marron Chiffon Cake – 栗のシフォンケーキ

June 5, 2010

The Chiffon Cake is decidedly my favourite cake. I favour it because it is light, cottony and low fat. I believe there are many out there who like this cake for the same reason as I do. I am quite confident in whipping up a basic chiffon – the basic pandan chiffon, orange chiffon etc […]

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