Lotus Seed Paste Pau – 莲蓉包

I shall officially admit that the yeasted species have bewitched me. First the sweet soft buns and now, the snowy white chinese steamed buns aka Paus.  I have been making paus everyday over the long weekend here and have been enjoying every minute of it. It helps when the friends and family to whom these were distributed … [Read more…]

Nagaimo Soy Pudding : 山药豆乳布丁

When I was in Taiwan a few weeks ago, my favourite cold appetizer dish at meal time was the Nagaimo. (山药/淮山) Prepared and served in a variety of ways, they were crunchy and totally refreshing. Long known for its medicinal values, the Chinese have always used them to balance the yin and yang energy in the … [Read more…]

French Fries Balls – Pommes Noisettes

We have eaten French Fries often enough… it was the first item I ordered from Mac Donalds when they opened shop here some 30 years ago and  it is one of the most popular accompaniment with everything from Fish to Burgers to Steak… We can rationalise all we want about how oily and calorie loaded … [Read more…]

The Purple Pig- Chicago

I have been on the road for the last 6 weeks and am now feeling extremely zonked out both physically and mentally. I don’t wish to get on another plane for as long as I possibly can! Travels take its toll but I have to admit it is sometimes not without its perks. I was … [Read more…]

Magnolia Bakery – Cupcakes In New York

Magnolia Bakery needs no introduction. Most of us who enjoy baking would have heard about this famous bakery ,possibly like myself, through its famous cookbooks. I do not own any of the cookbooks from Magnolia Bakery…was almost tempted by the array of powdery pastel cupcakes on their covers but the lack of photos inside the book … [Read more…]